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Why do flowers play such an important part in a wedding?

Flowers can symbolise a number of sentiments and wishes.

In the past, brides carried flowers or herbs because they were believed to ward off evil spirits or to mask smells! Today, brides usually carry flowers to follow tradition and add beauty and colour to their wedding.

Different flowers are said to represent different emotions. Roses depict everlasting love, lilies; virginity and purity, orange blossoms; marriage and fruitfulness, zinnias; lasting affection, and ivy; fidelity.

If you would like to communicate a particular message with your flowers perhaps it might be fun to research a Victorian dictionary of flowers to help you achieve a coded message to your betrothed. The Victorians went to great length to express feelings which could not be spoken aloud in Victorian society.

Alex & Anna Flowers

Photograph by James Keates. To find out more please visit www.jk-photography.net

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